Education is an enlightenment of oneself to achieve maximum benefit in life by using all the senses and bring out holistic growth in a person. There are different ways to provide education to the students. Out of which the most creative and alive is conducting educational tours.

Educational tour is nothing but a planned combination of tours, site visits with the target of global learning which can enhance the knowledge of students and can help them to see the clear picture of the theoretical things they have learnt so far. 

For this purpose,St Mary Champion School organized an educational tour to Mandu (a historic city in Malwa plateau with large number of historic monuments) on 1st October 2018, Monday for students from classes III to VII to bring them close to the roots, reduce stress of everyday life and to impart knowledge.

 A group ofmore than 150 students accompanied by nine teachers embarked on the journey. On reaching Mandu, the students headed for the famous Hindola Palace .This audience hall has sloping walls that resemble the trestles of a swing: ‘hindola’ means swing.

The students had a taste of history with a panoramic view of BazBahadur's Palace, JahazMahal, Jaami Mosque, Asharfi Palace, Mausoleum of Hoshang-shah in Mandu.

After this all relished the lunch at Jahaz Mahal Hotel. Then, children visited Rani Rupmati Palace and Eco Point.In the evening students returned from the tour with lot of happy memories and knowledge with them. It was a fun filled trip away from school and home where students had the opportunity to learn in a totally different environment. They learnt to look after themselves and their belongings away from the supervision of their parents. They learnt to adjust themselves in the company of their colleagues and friends. They learnt to live out off a suitcase, being on the move.