On the eve of monthly parents’ meet an orientation seminar on Health &Nutrition was organized in the school assembly hall. Dr. Bhavini Ajmera was the resource person of the seminar, who was welcomed with the sapling by Principal Ma’am. The program began sharp 10 in the morning. The seminar was on food nutrition values, the role of nutrition, balance eating procedures, pertaining to growth in health, physically and mentally. She guided on the major nutritional problems, the health ratio that limits the development and active learning capacity of the child. She gave an impacting PPT presentation highlighting the dire need to provide food of nutritional values for the complete growth of children and the members of the family. She made parents aware of the root cause to malnutrition. She mentioned to take care and meet with special needs during pregnancy and lactation and for recovery from illness. She focused on major nutrition problems, iron deficiency; checkup’s timely for early detection of problem, regular checkup, eating habits, balancing the intake of the food and most important exercise. The program ended with vote of thanks given by our Principal Mam and parents were given a sapling each to take it home for plantation as a token of awareness of responsibility towards our mother earth. Parents were so happy to this enriching seminar regarding Nutrition and false ideas about foods.
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