Fee Structure 2022-23

Fee Structure 2022-23

New Admission Form : Rs 500/-

Admission Fee (Non Refundable) : Rs 6000/-

Caution Money (Refundable) : Rs 4000/-

Tuition Fee for 10 Months to be Paid in 4 Instalments. ( No lunch & Conveyance) Annual Fee Classes Instalments
(Whole Year) Tuition

Class (Whole Year) Tuition Fee Instalment Annual Fee
Nursery – KG II 30800 7700 1000
I – V 30200 7550 1500
  • Annual Fee to be Paid, in One Instalment.
  • Last Date For Payment of 1st Instalment is llth April 2022

Fee Discounts

  • On Admission : if Whole Year Fee is Paid at the Time of Admission, No Caution Money & Admission Fee Rs. 10,000
  • Sibling Concession – One Sibling: – Rs. 1000/- , Two Siblings: – Rs. 1500/- , Three Siblings: – Rs. 2000/-
  • Whole Year Fee Concession Rs. 1000/- Payment is made on or before 15th April

Fee Remitance Schedule

It is Highly Recommended and Appreciated that School Fees are Paid online Via ” School Diary App ” – User Friendly, to Promote ( Ashless Transaction and also Digital India by Paying the Fees Online. The Process of Payment through School App is Very Simple and Help can be Sought from School Office for this Purpose.

However, Cheques can be Accepted at the Fee Counter but Never Cash.

I Instalment On or Before – 11th April 2022
II Instalment On or Before – 13th August 2022
III Instalment On or Before – 15th October 2022
IV Instalment On or Before – 15th December 2022