Dear children of our future,

“Let the children come unto me and do not stop them because the kingdom of god belongs to such as these.

The Bible

Children are the most beautiful gift of god, an image of god himself, full of goodness, innocence and life. That’s why Jesus invites children and entrusts them the kingdom of god.

In this perspective, children are god- like and educating them literally means drawing out all goodness, divine virtues and human values out from the store of inner self. In Latin, Education means – educatum ”a movement of development and progress from inward to outward”.

The curriculum contains pedagogy & methodology of teaching and grooming children while laying an excellent foundation of academic skills, values, discipline and excellence right since the start.

The Universal Champ is a learning temple for kids as they have all the educational requirement and facilities for their mental educational, physical, social and emotional developments. And the primary block offers them all opportunities of learning and development of aptitudes and skills.

The skilled experienced educators, specially trained to educate the little once, are so passionate and caring and use various skills of teaching for their whole – some development. Children love to enjoy the learning and the attraction of the school ambience makes them always lively.

Here, we groom, educate and train them to emerge as Champions of life.

Best of learning & growth!

Mr. Vivek Swamy