Republic Day

St. Mary Champion HS School celebrated the 75th Republic Day with much pomp and glory. The event
consisted of speeches , dances, songs, acts, lezim, gymnastics by the students.
The event started with the unfurling of the national flag and hoisting it by Director Sir. After the flag hoisting, the programme started with lezim, orchestra the students put together an act of Indian constitution and it’s different castes and religion and gave the message of “Unity in diversity”. The brilliant act managed to bring everyone to the knowledge of Indian constitution and it’s varied culture and heritage .The school choir team did a phenomenal job by singing the patriotic song on this auspicious day. At the end , medals and certificates of annual sports were distributed to the students of class V. Director Sir thanked everyone and the event ended on a happy note.

Talent Hunt 2023

Report on Gala Talent Show (2023-24)

Talent hunt is an event, which gives a platform to students to represent their talents in any field. It not only helps the participating students to show their abilities but also motivates other students, to come up front and show their hidden potential.
The Galaxy of Talent Hunt was organized by St. Mary Champion school, SN from January 16 to January 19 at school level to encourage the children to come forward and show their talents.
All the students participated in the Gala talent show.
Our champs of class I to IV exhibited their talent in various fields whether it be skating, karate, poem recitation, storytelling or excellent conversation skills. Students showcased their skills at classical and contemporary dance. They also showed their expertise at public speaking. Students participated in this event were greatly appreciated by the parents who have attended the program. Fireless cooking was also a part of talent show. The event owes its greater success to the overwhelming feedbacks given by the parents. Talent Hunt thus proves to be a great opportunity to students who wish to bring into view their extravagant talents. Our school motive will always be, ‘about discovering talents, pushing them to a limit and thus discovering them genius’.
Prize distribution of Annual sports was also an attraction for students and parents. Director sir and Principal ma’am addressed everyone with a happy note.

The parents’ attendance was almost 95%, and the talent show amazed the parents who appreciated and lauded it with compliments and kudos.
At the end of the programme parents left the campus taking the hopes of a bright future for their children.