Vision , Mission , Ethos

Vision , Mission , Ethos

Our Vision

We have resolved to mould, shape and groom children into good human beings and proud citizens of India; deeply anchored by life values of love, compassion, non-violence, communal harmony and universal brotherhood transcending all social discrimination.

Our Mission

We are committed to enrich and edify the potential young ones with a holistic education of “Mind Soul, head & heart” to acquire profound Knowledge and intelligence, assimilate noble life values fir “Right thinking, right conduct and right living” and imbibe and manifest our ‘ethos, philosophy and champion Culture”

School Ethos

As we aim at academic excellence laced with life values and individual transformation through education and edification, we practice h2d therapy as school ethos. as h2o (water) is essential for existence, so too h2d (Honesty,Hardwork & Discipline) is indispensable, in letter and spirit, for academic excellence and character formation.