Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Dear parents & lovely kids,

Deeply overwhelmed, I cordially extend you a warm welcome to this august institution of learning – a beacon school of edification for “the art of learning and living,” Where your wards will not only acquire profound knowledge of academic excellence but also be adorned with golden robe of fine discipline and coveted character that would ultimately make them real CHAMPIONS of life.

The children are personally taken care of by our educators armed with devotion experience and commitment to raise them in Champion culture. They play the twin role of teachers and parents for edification and constant guidance so as to make students face all sorts of situations and challenges of the present and future. A strong academic foundation with discipline and life values is laid in the foundational stage and a special training is imparted for spoken English.

I assure you that their learning will both be exciting and fun filled in order to develop in them the habit of critical thinking, logical reasoning and development of multiple intelligence and soft skills which will be indispensable for them in their future endeavours.

March ahead Champions!

Mr. S. L. Swamy